Organizational Structure

The Caribbean Blockchain Academy
it provides blockchain entrepreneurs, technicians and investors with EMBA courses, CEO and president classes, unicorn camps concerning blockchain;
The Caribbean HiDao Incubation Accelerator
it provides remarkable blockchain projects with funds, incubation and acceleration services;
The Caribbean Innovation Lab
it provides promising blockchain projects with core technology and project development outsourcing services;
ICO Markets
they provide outstanding ICO blockchain projects with one-stop ICO project design, market promotion and distribution services;
The Caribbean United Exchange
it provides outstanding post-ICO blockchain projects with multiple global exchanges’ coordinated transaction services;
World Blockchain Expo
a large global annual exhibition, bidding, competition, forum, training and education event for blockchain technology, application, services and enterprises;
Blockchain Clean Energy Mines
a solar energy, water power and wind power-driven blockchain mine:
Blockchain Industrial Park
a specialized blockchain industrial park;
Blockchain Assessment Center
it provides investors with blockchain technology, platform and application project assessment and rating services;
Blockchain Regulation Center
it provides sovereign state and regional economies with consulting services concerning the blockchain industry’s legislation, business license issuance, market regulation;
Blockchain Insurance Agency
it provides the blockchain industry with business and property insurance services;

Strategic Functions



Build a Caribbean Blockchain Legal System

We help Commonwealth sovereign states in the Caribbean region establish a legal system for blockchain technology, application and the industry through legislation, to build the Caribbean Free Trade Zones into a world-class blockchain industry center.


Build a Global Blockchain Special Economic Zone

We build all kinds of blockchain free trade parks in the Caribbean Free Trade Zones’ member countries, to attract global agencies and enterprises related to blockchain through an extremely complete legal system and extremely preferential tax policies.

The Caribbean Institute of Blockchain Industry is located in the Caribbean Free Trade Zones, the world’s largest offshore financial center. We will enjoy the Commonwealth countries’ super stable common law system, the world-class offshore financial center’s loose financial and securities regulation, complete blockchain laws, complete tax exemptions. In the meantime, we will actively facilitate the introduction of laws on virtual currency issuance, storage, loans and exchange, to realize virtual currencies’ lawful and free convertibility with all kinds of legal currencies.

Service Functions

  • Global Strategic Cooperation
    By working with global universities and outstanding enterprises, we establish all kinds of blockchain R&D and industrialization institutions to create a platform for gathering global blockchain resources.
  • Blockchain Industry Investment and Incubation
    We promote the application of blockchain technology in all walks of life, incubate the blockchain industry’s core application, invest in the blockchain industry’s outstanding enterprises.
  • Core Technology R&D
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  • Industry Development Promotion
    By leading major projects’ R&D, establishing blockchain industry alliances, we boost the global blockchain industry’s development, to execute our strategic plan of upgrading the blockchain industry via technological progress, upgrading other industries via the blockchain industry.