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Cooperation among Founding Members

The institute plans to recruit 100 founding members, offer the institute’s token and appoint council positions according to their donations.

International Strategic Cooperation

The institute plans to establish branches around the world, choose Hong Kong, Singapore, the USA, Canada, Britain, Germany, Russia as pilot windows.

Conference/Exhibition Cooperation

Depending on the Caribbean Free Trade Zones’ support and the institute’s influence, we plan to organize blockchain summits up to the international level, invite domestic and foreign universities, institutes, world leading companies and technical experts in blockchain a digital economy to discuss blockchain technology development and application, as well as the blockchain industry’s global layout.

Training/Education Cooperation

Depending on the Caribbean Free Trade Zones’ industry concentration, the institute plans to provide global blockchain training services, help the trainees understanding the concept and basis of blockchain technology, grasp the mainstream blockchain open source platform technology and application, understand commercial product level blockchain platforms, the blockchain industry’s application cases and practices, understanding the blockchain industry’s status quo, business models, relevant policies and laws.

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Caribbean Institute of Block Chain Industry

  • Carlisle Estate, St. John ‘s, Antigua, West Indies, Caribbean Sea
  • +1 268 462 4824/5
  • +1 268 462 4826

Hong Kong office

  • 19th Floor, Phase II, International Finance Center, 8 Financial Street, Central, Hong Kong
  • +852 2251 8283